My experience with E Mortgage Management, LLC has been spectacular. Nicole, my case manager proved to be friendly, courteous, professional, efficient and prompt. My overall experience with this company has phenomenal. Every step of the way they walk you through the process and explain what is going on and what will happen. Additionally, they always follow up with appointments to see if the company showed up on time and how satisfied you were with their performance. Nicole, takes the stress out of what would normally be a very stressful experience. All paperwork was submitted on time and e-mails were always submitted to me to signify that they had received the documents.. I can’t say enough about Nicole, she was wonderful. i believe the cliincher for me was when Nicole told me that she had such fiath in her company that she refinanced her mother’s mortgage through Fortren. . I could go on and on in this vein. However, suffice it to say this is a spectacular company and Nicole was a sensational person and Fortren is lucky to have her. Bravo and keep up the good work.

BBB A+ Rating Review 7/15/2015