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Employee Spotlight

February 2016 Employee Spotlight

Welcome to Fortren Funding

Building a New Foundation for America, Together.

Our Mission: Fortren Funding LLC was created with one focus; to be a new kind of mortgage company for a post “great recession” America. Our highly experienced management team witnessed first-hand what went wrong during America’s financial crisis. Simply put, “too big to fail” meant too big to specialize. Mortgages are not a fringe business. For most people, a mortgage is the single biggest financial commitment they will ever make. Here at Fortren Funding we train each of our employees to be mortgage industry experts. Our licensed originators guide their clients through the loan process maintaining the professionalism and communication you would expect from someone helping you make a major financial decision. We believe a healthy housing market is the foundation of a growing economy, and with the help of our clients, Fortren Funding is building a new foundation for America.

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Client Testimonials

I have refinanced my home twice before over the past 30 years and I always dreaded having to fill out the mountains of forms that needed to be signed and submitted by my wife and myself just to apply for refinancing! I am planning to retire in approximately one (1)…Read More

Old Bridge, NJ

We found Fortren when we were looking to refinance our home. Actually they found us; I filled out an inquiry on a promo I saw online and they were one of the companies that called. Although we were skeptical at first because their numbers sounded better than what we heard…Read More

Orrtanna, PA

Robert VanFetchmann of Fotren Funding truly is helping to rebuild America. Rob saved our lives and his timing was impeccable. Our business collapsed in 2008 when the construction market crashed. Barely holding on, we had used up all of our capital and had fallen into debt,. We were actually selling…Read More

Elverson, PA

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